You Need To Stay Motivated, It Will Get Better Soon
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You Need To Stay Motivated, It Will Get Better Soon

So it may not seem it right now. But things are going to get better. No doubt you've already spent some time dealing with a lot of emotions and sorted out quite a bit of stuff. Already you have come so far from the day you were told you were being made redundant.

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is what's going to keep you going on your journey to a better you.

Now is the time to take action and start to seriously think about what you want to do next. Whether it's setting up a business, to retrain, change career or simply look for a new job in the same field. Today is the day when you need to start to make it happen.

There are a few things you can do help keep you motivated:

  • Stay Active - Such a simple one, but research has shown that by keeping active it helps us not only physically but also mentally. Exercise is key.
  • Meet Friends - Don't become a recluse. Even if you can't afford it, seeing friends doesn't have to cost anything. I'm sure a true friend would invite you in for a cuppa and chat.
  • Time Keeping - It's easy to lie in each day and watch day time tele. Try to stick to some sort of routine, ideally getting up around the same time as when you were working. Instead of sticking the tele on, research the new you, your journey, and start to make it happen.

You're at the point in your journey to a better you where the only person who is going to change your destiny is you. If you choose to sit back and do nothing, then nothing will happen. Instead use this opportunity to carve a better future for yourself.

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