How To Prepare Yourself For Job Searching
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How To Prepare Yourself For Job Searching

The first vital steps you need to take following redundancy are making sure your CV/ Resume is up to date. Not only updating it, but also ensuring it stands out from the competition to get noticed by potential employers quicker. If you change jobs frequently, you are more likely to be familiar with how to write an effective resume. If you were with your last company for many years, this may feel like an extremely daunting task.

But that is why we are here to help. With our Free Online CV/ Resume Builder, we can guarantee a creative and eye-catching resume with all the relevant information.

Creating A LinkedIn Profile
Creating a LinkedIn profile is essential for broadening your contacts and networking with business professionals. There are an ever-growing number of people signed up; as of April 2016 there were 433 million users. LinkedIn allows for you to be constantly present in the world of business and allows recruiters to come to you directly who seek what you have to offer.

You can join groups specifically relating to the career you are interested in, connecting you to the right people. Creating a LinkedIn profile is free of charge, another attractive advantage of the site.

Researching Careers
Why not see redundancy as an opportunity to change your career and do something that you have always wanted to do. This is where you could do some research beforehand and see what jobs are out there. Doing research before beginning your job search will enable you to have a clear idea of what training you may need to do in order to pursue your new career.

Positive Outlook
It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed when beginning a new job search, but it is important to keep a positive mindset and understand that it is rare you will get the first job you apply for. Everyone has been rejected from a job they really wanted at some point, but don’t let this put you off and stick with it!

Consider Your Social Media Accounts
An important factor to remember is, with the popularity of social media growing, many employers will look on your social media profiles when considering your application. We understand everyone has their personal life away from work, so if you want to stay private, it may be a good idea to update your privacy settings.

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