I'm Not Getting Any Job Interviews - But Why?
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I'm Not Getting Any Job Interviews - But Why?

It happens to the best of us, we apply for the dream job, in the perfect location, tailored to our skills but we never hear anything back from the company. No e-mail, no interview, no contact. This happens to job-seekers daily, often it isn’t anything the job seeker can control so don’t give up! Dedicate time to checking that all communication is making the right impression.

Your CV/ Resume
A CV is often the only communication an organisation will receive from you. Therefore it is crucial that you communicate professionalism and stand out in the heaped pile of CV’s an employer is likely to receive.

See some CV/ Resume examples here.

Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
We all do it without realising, whether it’s there, their or they’re, all spelling and grammar must be checked and double checked before sending an application form or CV to a potential employer. According to research by Adzuna, almost 1/3 of CV’s (32%) in the UK contain at least one spelling mistake. One or two spelling mistakes could be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. Check over all communication like e-mails and social media posts then ask a friend or family member to read through your CV or job application before sending it.

Specific Cover Letter?
A good quality cover letter is a chance to sell yourself further for the role you’re applying for, your cover letter should boldly state why the organisation should choose you over other the applicants. All the content should encourage the reader to turn over and read your CV, and hopefully spend longer than the average 6 seconds reading it. Your cover letter is a chance to wow the employer, don’t miss out on that chance.

Generic cover letters can instantly put an employer off; taking the time to find the relevant employee’s details will create a better impression. Address your covering letter to someone specific to the role, such as the Hiring Manger if you can find their details.

Learn more about writing Cover Letters here.

Interact on social media
Follow the company’s social media accounts and interact where appropriate, but don’t comment on their sites with something like ‘Please give me a job’, they probably wouldn’t appreciate that. Just give your opinion on posts and join the conversations on Twitter. Make sure that your social media sites are regularly updated with appropriate content as an employer will often ‘Google’ you and check pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

It may not be you
There are hundreds of uncontrollable variables that affect the reasons why you aren’t called for an interview. You personally may not be the reason but, ensure that you are doing everything in your power to communicate the right message when contacting employers and applying for jobs. Re-read your CV, write specific covering letters, interact on social media and don’t give up!

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