Keeping Up A Routine Whilst Job Searching During Redundancy
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Keeping Up A Routine Whilst Job Searching During Redundancy

Keeping up with a routine will help in staying motivated and getting things done. It is very easy to say that you will take a couple of weeks off to relax before thinking about job searching, but a lot of the time, two weeks turn into a month and a month turns into two.

If you apply the mentality that it is unlikely that you will get a job straight away, this will encourage you to start sooner rather than later as you will still have sometime to relax a little before getting back into a job. It may be an idea to continue to work similar hours that you are used to, to conduct your research, update your resume, and build your LinkedIn profile and network with business professionals.

Get The Job Done!
Another idea to keep up with routine and avoid lazing around is to write a list of all the jobs that need doing round the house, or anything that you said you were going to do but haven’t managed to yet. The worst thing you can do is apply the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ approach, as jobs are less likely to get done! There’s no time like the present, especially in your situation.

Sleeping Patterns
Sleeping patterns are affected when you are out of a routine. If your alarm is normally set for 6:30am every day, your body clock adapts to this and you get into a good sleeping pattern. If you fall into a habit of sleeping in, this will only keep you awake at night, which will then make you sleep in longer in the day and the pattern continues. This will mean wasting valuable time, when you could be getting the jobs that need doing, done.

The main point here is, you need to be proactive.

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