Job Search Is Getting Me Down - How Do I Stay Positive?
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Job Search Is Getting Me Down - How Do I Stay Positive?

Job searching after redundancy is a challenge faced by many, you are not alone. For the lucky ones the process is short and straight forward, for others it is not. Job hunting is an intense process that brings a string of different emotions, and constant battles with the unknown. Human nature has taught us to crave control, unfortunately job hunting leaves very little room for control, so it’s no wonder job-seekers find themselves wanting to quit. Naturally if you can’t do something, you think you can solve the problem by giving up.

Often it doesn’t work out that way, particularly when looking for a new career.

Giving up will lead you nowhere but, trying harder could lead you to the beginning of something incredible!

Get Emotional Support
Looking for a job consumes a large amount of time, energy and emotion, and can often leave you feeling tired and emotional, thinking there is no way out. Having an open conversation with someone you trust, such as a family member, close friend or therapist allows you to express any underlying concerns and fears allowing you to get back on track to achieving your goals.

Stay Organised
The more organised you are, the better you will become at handling difficult job-seeking situations and avoid falling into a defeatist mindset. Breaking down the job searching process into smaller manageable tasks will ease the search, giving more control. When preparing for an interview, break down tasks such as company research and identifying potential interview questions to make the process less daunting.

Don’t Take a No Personally
There are hundreds of uncontrollable variables that affect why someone didn’t get a job, such as order of interviews, internal connections and the interviewer. Do not take a rejection personally, but use the rejection as an opportunity to learn. If you attended an interview, but did not receive a job offer, send the company and email or letter thanking them for their time and request feedback.

In short staying positive in difficult situations is a hard trait especially after facing the knock of redundancy, but by seeking emotional support, staying organised and never giving up you will succeed.

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