Preparing For That All Important Job Interview
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Preparing For That All Important Job Interview

Preparation, preparation, preparation. Preparing for an interview is essential if you want to make a good impression and secure the dream job. It is important that you assign yourself time for preparation before an interview to conduct research and to practice answers.

Being prepared will not only reduce your nerves and give you confidence but it will also make an impression on the employer. Detailed research shows dedication and enthusiasm for the role.

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Research the location
Always confirm the location via email or telephone with the company, don’t assume the interview will be at the company address. Often interviews are conducted in different offices or even in restaurants and coffee shops. Once you have confirmed the location, research the area and decide how best to travel, taking into consideration traffic and public transport delays. Arriving early will show you to be keen and reliable however, if you are running late contact the company to let them know.

Research the company and the role
Researching is an essential step in interview preparation, as you can almost guarantee that the interviewer will ask a question such as ‘What can you tell me about the company?’. Visit the company’s website and social media sites such as LinkedIn to gain as much information as possible. Look to see if the company has been reflected positively in the media recently as a discussion point. Also, re-read the job description to ensure you fully understand the role and highlight any areas you would like more information on from the employer.

Practice typical questions and answers
The company is likely to confirm the style of the interview prior to the meeting, giving you an opportunity to prepare answers accordingly. Research typical questions for the industry and prepare answers, practice answering these questions with a friend or in front of the mirror. Have ready some key achievements, which can be tailored to the question asked. Use the STAR method to help you answer questions, find out more here.

Learn more about the STAR Method here.

Dress appropriately
Most employers will expect you to dress smart, although some may be causal like a Web Designer. Do some research on what you should wear specific to your industry, however when in doubt always dress smart, this will impress the employer.

Finally, take a copy of your CV with you and any other documents you may need such as the job description, this will show you to be organised and enthusiastic.

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