How To Survive A Company Restructure
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How To Survive A Company Restructure

When companies experience considerable change – through merging or restructure, redundancy is always a risk. Restructures can take months or even years, so you can be left not knowing your future role in the company for a long period of time. This can cause a lack in motivation, due to anxiety and fear of the unknown. However, don’t be numbed by the prospect of being made redundant.

Superior prospects may even arise from a company restructure, so see the changes as a challenge!

Seize the Day
A company restructure could lead to new opportunities within the company, if your sector is the most affected by the changes, consider other department roles. For example some work previously contracted out, may be returned to in-house, increasing fellow colleagues workload. Do some research on other departments in the company and offer to take some of the workload. This gives you the opportunity to learn some new skills, while also proving yourself to be a valued member of the team.

Stay Optimistic
Survival of the fittest? When jobs are at risk, it is easy for employees to start to see their fellow colleagues as the enemy. You may think it is every man for himself, a competition. However, staying positive is essential in this situation, you must work harder than you have ever worked. Prove to your boss that you can stay motivated and enthusiastic in a difficult situation.

Job –share Schemes
Companies mostly restructure due to financial difficulties, offering to work less hours or job share could help the company through a difficult time and ensure you keep your job. Reducing your hours could allow you more time with family, give you the chance to learn new skills or free time to apply for other job roles. Job sharing can work well for the employer and the employee, by reducing the risk of redundancy and maintaining the skills and knowledge of the workforce.

Review Your CV
You may not need it, but it is important to always be prepared. An opportunity may arise within your current organisation which you want to apply for, likely with a CV. After restructure, redundancy may be the only option, through no fault of your own. In this case having an up to date CV prepared will allow you to start applying for jobs immediately after receiving confirmation of redundancy.

Take control of your current situation following these rules, stay optimistic and seize every opportunity. If redundancy is the outcome of restructure, it is nothing to be ashamed of, it is not a punishment. Redundancy is the result of a financial change and isn’t necessarily down to the individuals actions or abilities.

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