How Do I Explain To An Employer I’ve Been Made Redundant?
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How Do I Explain To An Employer I’ve Been Made Redundant?

Being made redundant could affect how employers view you. A potential employer may see your redundancy as a negative situation, similarly to being dismissed. Of course we know this isn’t the case. Redundancy is a very difficult time and the individual is not to blame. We want the potential employer to understand that being made redundant does not affect your abilities or skills. You should tackle this discussion point head on, focusing on the positives outcomes and opportunities redundancy has given you.

On Your CV/ Resume
You may have a gap in your employment history due to redundancy, if this is the case; your CV is an opportunity to explain the break. Use your personal statement to explain you have been made redundant and give details of your future aspirations in a job role i.e. management.

In the employment history or work experience section of your CV, declare that you no longer work for your last employer using dates, suggesting you still work at the previous company could be confusing for potential employers.

Example Personal Statement
A multi-skilled estate agent with good all-round marketing skills and a solid background in property sales. An excellent communicator who can relate well with people at all levels. Extensive knowledge in collecting information about assorted properties, estimating their value and promoting them for sale. Currently out of work due to company closure, looking for an opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience to a well-established estate agency in a management role.

Be Honest
Just be honest. Explain the reasons you were made redundant by your previous employer, always be truthful as the company is likely to find out if you aren’t being honest about your circumstances. Don’t be ashamed of being made redundant when explaining your situation, many people will face redundancy in their life time or know someone who has been made redundant. Clarify details to the employer such as the amount of people who were made redundant at the time or if the company closed.

Express Positivity
Don’t dwell on negative parts of your journey, focus on the positives. The employer will be impressed if you have faced redundancy and have remained determined to succeed.

Don’t be afraid to share your redundancy journey, remember being made redundant is no reflection of your abilities, knowledge or experience. Show a new employer how brave and strong you are to have conquered redundancy.

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