Dealing With Fear, Anger, Depression & Negative Style Redundancy Emotions
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Dealing With Fear, Anger, Depression & Negative Style Redundancy Emotions

Being made redundant is a life changing experience; you are likely to feel every possible emotion on your journey. The initial shock, followed by worry of ‘How will I pay my bills?’. You may fear life without a job, feel angry at your employer or face depression due to money worries. However you can get back on your feet and you will.

We all experience negative thoughts from time to time, however it is essential to focus on the positives and see new opportunities along your journey.

How to Deal with Fear, Anger and Depression:

Take some time out – go for a walk or have a bath, give yourself some time to clear your thoughts of negativity, and then approach your concerns with the support of others.

Conquer your fears – if interviews scare you, then tackle them head on. Prepare, be confident and brave, you will see they aren’t so bad and you will be one step closer to overcoming your fears.

Treat yourself – every time you do a task that scares you, reward yourself. For example redesigning your CV, applying for a job or going for an interview, treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

Get Support
When facing hard times and negative thoughts, we should always seek emotional support. Speaking openly with a family member or trusted friend could ease the anger and stress. After all ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’. You may be worried about speaking to a friend or family member as you don’t want to pass on negative emotions. However if a friend is worried about you, speaking to them will reduce their worry and help you to feel reassured.

Change Your Outlook
Don’t dwell on your experience by saying ‘I was made redundant’ change your outlook by communicating ‘My job role was made redundant’. Your job role does not define you as a person, you are an individual with a lot to offer. Redundancy is not reflection of your abilities or skills, so ensure self esteem is high.

Don’t Be Pressured
You may feel social pressure, worrying about the opinions of others or financial pressure, especially if you support a family. However this is your journey, you must conquer it in your own time, whether it takes a week, a month or a year.

When facing negative emotions and thoughts always talk to someone, give yourself some time and try to see the positive in everything.

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