Just Been Told Your Being Made Redundant
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Just Been Told Your Being Made Redundant

So you’ve just been told the news. For some it may be welcomed news, however for most it’s going to be a message you were either expecting or has come as a complete shock. Either way, the chances are it’s been received as bad news and your brain has gone into over drive.

“How do I pay my bills?” “How will I find work?” “What does it mean for me and my family?” All are perfectly normal questions and are probably just a few you’re thinking about.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the information and the facts. It can be hard for us to digest this kind of message and our brain sometimes end up focusing on the potential problems it’s going to cause rather than listening to the facts of the message when it’s being communicated to us.

If this was you, then write down a list of your questions and ask to meet with a senior person in the organisation to get your questions answered. Although they may not be able to answer them all there and then, they should have a process for finding the answers and ensuring you get them in a timely manner.

As time goes on, you’re going to have more questions and feel various different emotions. We’ve tried to add the articles in our ‘Redundancy Center’ in the order we think you will ask them/ feel the emotions.

A big tip here and as hard as it may be, is to always stay professional with everyone. Even your boss or the person delivering the messages. The company will know this is a difficult time for you and will surely be making some allowances for it. But getting angry, being rude or offensive isn’t going to make the journey easier. Redundancy is always a last resort for any company. And remember, it’s the role that is being made redundant; it’s not personal to you or anything you have done.

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