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Hashtag CV Hints & Tips
What Are Transferable Skills & Do I Have Any

What Are Transferable Skills & Do I Have Any

Transferable skills are typically general skills you can use across multiple jobs and sectors. You gain these skills from previous employment, voluntary work, your home life, sports, hobbies, school and further education, just about anywhere. They enable you to be adaptable and flexible in case you need to change jobs in the future.

The good news is you already have transferable skills; you’ve been developing such skills throughout your life. Even if you’ve never had a job before, you will have a set of transferable skills.

Lack of direct experience isn’t necessarily a barrier to a new job. If you’re changing careers, have recently graduated or are looking for your first job, you’ll be pleased to know that employers are often looking for potential. It is vital that you sell your potential to employers by demonstrating the transferable skills that you have already developed.

Employers are usually looking for abilities and qualities that they recognise to be present in the most effective employees. These soft skills, such as being able to communicate effectively, showing initiative, creativity, having a good work attitude etc are all valuable skills suited to all jobs and sectors.

How Do I know What Transferable Skills I Already Have?

You can use this activity to help you identify some of your transferable skills needed to improve your employability. By rating yourself on these skills, you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You can then use this information to look for opportunities to practice your undeveloped skills so that in an interview you will be able to provide the employer with examples of the skills they’re looking for.

You can download the activity sheet here and print it.

While doing the exercise, consider all of your experience to date. This can come from school, college or university, hobbies, previous work experience, voluntary work, raising a child; think outside of the box. 

Transferable Skills Checklist

Now you have a clearer picture of your transferable skills, you can use these in your future job applications to aid you in your job search. If you have some skills marked as “Some Experience” or “No Experience”, take the opportunity to look for ways to grow these skills. A great way to do this is through voluntary work as this will give you evidence of a working environment, further enhancing your chances of securing employment.

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Other soft skills employers may be looking for are:

Communication Skills

Speaking in a group

Advising people

Getting people to talk

A good listener

Selling, persuading

Teaching, training

Writing clearly

Proof reading accurately

Explaining ideas

Putting across another’s viewpoint

Using words appropriately


Data Skills

Sorting paperwork

Solving problems

Organising things

Following written instructions

Gathering information

Good at maths

Computer literate

Memorising numbers

An eye for detail

Managing money/banking

Paying bills




Providing information

Checking things

Personal Strengths

Able to use own initiative



Good team player

Able to supervise others


Motivated, enthusiastic


Work well under pressure





Self disciplined

Practical Skills

Driving a car


Applying first aid

Good co-ordination

Finding out how things work

Good hand/eye co-ordination

People Skills

Showing kindness

Helping others

Co-operation with others

Leading a group

Organising people

Team building

Motivating others

Working in a group

Making decisions



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