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Hashtag CV Hints & Tips
Top 15 Job Search Tips

Top 15 Job Search Tips

This could be the year you find your dream job and #CV wants to help you get there with our job searching top tips that actually make a difference. When you are job searching you never know where your next job will come from, a job advert, a friend, newspaper or even the postman.

Use our 15 top job searching tips to help you secure your dream job:

        1. Be Polite and Courteous to Everyone

It should go without saying that you should be polite to everyone. Your next job could come from anywhere and you never know who knows who.

2. Networking

Networking is a key factor to your job search and something that shouldn’t only be undertook when you’re looking for work, but in your every day life, even when you have a job. Tell everyone you’re looking for work; attend networking events, utilise social networking sites. 

3. Utilise Recruitment Agencies

Some companies solely use recruitment agencies to advertise their roles through so it’s important you’re on their books. Look at specialist agencies in your area first and send your CV to them. If you are a top candidate they will even start specking you out to potential companies.

4. LinkedIn

If you have a profile already make sure it’s up to date with relevant job searching information, if you don’t have an account, get one. Use Linkedin to find out company information, search for jobs and grow your professional network.

5. Read the Paper

We all know the jobs sections of the newspapers gets smaller and smaller but newspapers and articles have other benefits. Check out local developments, awarded projects, business grants etc. Contact the company to offer your congratulations, then talk about how you could be an asset to their company. Read more about the hidden job market here.

6. Job Alerts

Utilise job board websites such as, etc and set up job alerts. Let the computers do some of the hard work and tell you when they have a job that matches your criteria. Just make sure there are no spelling errors in your keywords.

7. Business Cards

Seems like an odd one but why not have a bunch of business cards printed with your key skills on and contact details. You can then hand out 100’s to companies and your network. Plus, when you have a job, you can continue to hand these out as you never know when a great opportunity will come knocking.

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8. Tailor your CV

A key point, ensure you tailor each CV you send to match the job description or the company if they are not advertising. This will save you sending 1000’s of generic CV’s off and will be much more effective. You can read more about how to tailor your CV here.

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9. Be Specific

Does the industry you work in have specific magazines or websites? Search the Internet to find out and register to them. Granted if it’s a magazine there may be a cost, but it could contain jobs and key information to help you in your job search. Register on industry specific websites to keep up to date with market information and engage with any blogs you can find.

10. Shop Windows

Don’t under estimate this approach. If you’re looking for retail work, lots of companies advertise their roles in their shop window. Walk round with some CV’s and drop them in, even if they don’t have jobs advertised.

11. Volunteer

This is a great way to keep you working, in a routine and also develop new skills. Employers love to see that you’ve been volunteering rather than doing nothing, plus it helps hide gaps on your CV, which no employer likes to see. This can also be great if you’re moving into an industry where you have little or no experience in. Volunteering doesn’t have to be in charity shops. Contact companies you’d like to work for and ask if you can volunteer a couple of days a week and prove your worth to them.

12. Check your Email

Make sure your email address is appropriate for employers. If it isn’t, change it. At the same time, make sure your voicemail is appropriate and that you always answer your phone in a professional manner. You never know when a potential employer may contact you for an interview.

13. Be Organised

Job-hunting is stressful enough, so be organised in your approach. Reduce your stress and get smart. Read more about organising your job search here.

14. Follow Up

If you’ve applied for a job and not heard back from the employer, contact them for an update. If you’ve managed to get an interview, follow up after with a thank you letter to further improve your chances of being offered the role. Use our Cover Letter Builder and custom thank you letter templates.

15. Stay Motivated

Job-hunting can be hard work as we have previously discussed, being a job in itself. Keep yourself motivated and don’t give up, you never know when your dream job may present itself.


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