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Are You Applying For Jobs & Not Getting Interviews

Are You Applying For Jobs & Not Getting Interviews

Unfortunately this is something we hear all too often and it doesn’t only relate to not getting interviews. We also hear “I apply for jobs and don’t even get a response” or “I am getting interviews but not getting the job”. Do these sound familiar?


As much as we would love to give you the answer, we simply don’t have it. That’s because there could be many reasons why your applicationwas unsuccessful. It could be any of the below:


1. Your CV had spelling and / or grammar mistakes. If you’re unsure, let us check it for you. Click here to find out more.

2. Your CV didn’t talk about the key skills the employer and role were looking for

3. Not enough experience in the field or the right qualifications

4. The CV was too long

5. Too many applications received

6. You didn’t answer the questions clearly on the application or in the interview

7. Your application got mislaid

8. Bad design or layout. You can see some examples of stand out CV designs here.

8. The list is possibly endless


To all of these we always at Hashtag CV ask the first fundamental question to help narrow down why you weren’t successful during that application. “Did you call the employer for feedback?” Again, unfortunately we hear the same answer just as many times, “No.” It is nearly impossible to fix something if you don’t know it doesn’t work. Getting direct feedback from the employer will help you hone your application and interview skills. For each role you apply for, there should be a lesson learnt which would then enable you to complete a better application next time.


Don’t be afraid to call an employer or recruiter and ask for feedback. This is also a great opportunity to sell yourself into the role directly. It may be that your application missed a vital skill or qualification the employer was looking for and that was the reason you were unsuccessful. It might just be that you do have those skills but for whatever reason you didn’t add them to your application. You now have the opportunity to tell the employer about those skills.


In today’s world it isn’t just about sending off as many CV’s as you can, in the hope that some will lead to interviews and then a job offer. Contact is the key here and not always via email or automated contact forms. Our best advice is to pick up the phone and talk directly to the hiring manager or HR department about the role and your skills.


In the ideal world we would suggest the following as a route way: 


1. Before applying for the role, do you have enough of the key skills and qualifications they are asking for?

2. Call the employer before sending your application and  find out a little more about the role and what they are looking for.

3. Apply for the vacancy in the exact way they are asking for. If they say “Complete our application and don’t send us your CV” then don’t send your CV. There will be a reason why they have asked for your application in that format. Remember to tailor your CV to the role. You can learn more about tailoring your CV here.

4. A few days after submitting your application, call the employer to make sure they have received it and see if they have any questions about you and your application.

5. At any point if you are told you weren’t successful or don’t hear anything for a week or two, again pick up the phone and speak to the employer for specific feedback.

6. Finally, use that feedback to help you perfect your application for the next role.


Remember, to enable you to track your applications, make a note somewhere of the jobs you have applied for including key data such as contact name and number, dates, conversations that were had etc. You can use our ready made job tracker and download it here.


We’ve already done the hard work with over 10,000 CV phrases ready to use linked to over 550 jobs and growing. We have it covered. If you’d still like some more help, just ask one of our experts at Hashtag CV.


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