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Hashtag CV Hints & Tips
CV Resources

CV Resources

10 Tips To Beat the Applicant Tracking Systems

Optimise your CV for Applicant Tracking Systems with our top 10 tips and beat the computers.

CV Checklist With FREE Download

Use our CV Checklist to make sure your CV is the best it can be and beat the competition. Read the article or download the checklist for FREE.

How To Write A CV With No Experience

Learn how to write a stand out CV with little to no previous work experience, ideal for school leavers, recent graduates, or returning to work after some years.

How To Write A Personal Profile CV

With employers spending around 6 seconds reviewing a CV make sure your personal profile is a knock out and gets you interviews with our how to guide.

Have We Found The Secret To The Perfect CV

After 126 hours, 76 cups of coffee, 18 slices of cake and 142 emails later see if we’ve cracked the secret to the perfect CV.

How To Tailor Your CV To Different Jobs, Industries & Sectors

Learn the importance and how to tailor your CV for different jobs, industries and sectors. Match your CV to the job you’re applying for perfectly.


We’ve already done the hard work with over 10,000 CV phrases ready to use linked to over 550 jobs and growing. We have it covered. If you’d still like some more help, just ask one of our experts at Hashtag CV.


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