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Hashtag CV Hints & Tips
How To Write A Personal Profile CV

How To Write A Personal Profile CV

First of all, every good CV should contain a personal profile, sometimes known as a career summary or profile. This is probably the first piece of information the hiring manager is going to read about you and most probably will look for first.  This enables the hiring manager to quickly identify the strategic value you can add to their company. Your CV should be a self-marketing document aimed at persuading the reader to interview you, and a personal profile is where this starts.

Many of us struggle to write a personal profile as a good profile should sell yourself in around four to five lines. Be concise and give the reader enough information for them to want to know more about you. Fitting all of this into the small space provided is no easy task. If any more than 5 lines is taken you run the risk of the personal profile not being a profile, but an autobiography of your life.

If you’re unsure of how to structure a personal profile you can use our four pointer guide to help you structure a stand out:

1. Your job title

2. The numbers of year’s experience you have in that sector or linked to the sector

3. Any particular tempting assets the reader would be interested in reading about

4. Where you’re looking for work.

By using this structure it makes it possible for anyone looking at the CV to immediately see who the person is, and whether or not they wish to continue to read the CV.

We have pulled together some top tips you should use when writing your personal profile:

To the Point

Recruiters receive lots of CV’s and don’t have the time to read every single word during the first sifting exercise. Ensure your profile isn’t too lengthy, make it punchy and to the point.

Don’t go on

Keep your personal profile to ideally 4-5 lines long.  Remember it needs to be concise and sometimes a reader can be put off by seeing a lot of text. Give them a reason to read your personal profile, not to bin it.


It’s so important that you tailor your personal profile to fit the job description. This not only shows the reader you have the skills they are looking for it, it starts to sell you into the role and the reader can start to see you working for them. You can read more about tailoring your CV here.

Choose one Writing Style

An easy trap so many fall into is mixing first and third person narrative into their CV. Choose one and stick to it. Personally, we think third person always sounds more professional.

Double Check it

We find ourselves talking about this a lot, and that’s because it’s so important to ensure you don’t send a personal profile, or any part of a CV that contains spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. Make sure it makes sense and if you’re unsure, ask someone else to check it for you. Employers will reject CV’s based on mistakes. Let our expert team check your CV here.

Remember to write about yourself in a confident and positive manner, but as is always the case when describing yourself to a potential employer, be honest. It’s much more embarrassing having to explain during an interview you don’t have the skills or experiences you talked about in your CV.

Why not use our FREE CV Builder to help you write a personal profile that will help you stand out from the crowd. With over 100 pre-built personal profiles you can edit, as well as pre-built personal profile sentences to chose from, you’re sure to find a personal profile that works for you.


We’ve already done the hard work with over 10,000 CV phrases ready to use linked to over 550 jobs and growing. We have it covered. If you’d still like some more help, just ask one of our experts at Hashtag CV.


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