Who Else Wants to Become a Star Employee?

Who Else Wants to Become a Star Employee?

21st June 2016   |   Jasmine Demeester

Star employees are not born to become the blue-eyed workers of their boss. In fact, they have to professionally train them to become the high achiever of an organization which takes a lot of hard work, efforts and skills. But more than anything else, it is the ‘can-do’ attitude that gives a worker the distinction to be called a star employee.


For any worker, the status of a star employee is a hard thing to achieve. An employee has to slog hours on his job, groom his personality and enhance his skills before he could qualify to be called as a star worker.

So if you are dreaming of becoming the next star employee of your organization, you need to act on the following 6 insightful tips:

1. Take Initiatives

A star employee is never afraid of taking up challenging responsibilities. They are the first ones to say yes to a difficult project or job even when it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Similarly, you should always be ready for every opportunity to prove your skills.

You need to take those opportunities as your chance to show your true potential and scope for growth. Therefore, you should never shy away from projects that test your skills or challenges your comfort zone. Being a female, it will be difficult to take a project that calls for a lot of physical work. But this is your chance to prove your passion for the job, so you should not let it slip away from your hand.

2. Be An Effective Communicator

Communication plays a key role in performing your job. Being a productive employee of your company, you must be able to convey your thoughts to your manager while discussing ideas for a product concept. Similarly, you should be able to voice your concerns whenever a feedback is necessary to improve your service.

Be An Effective Communicator

Employers tend to have a liking for employees who are open about their thoughts. By showing yourself as an honest and frank advisor, you can gain the confidence of your employer and increase your chances of becoming his trusted worker.

3. Find Excellence in Your Job Role

Star employees envision doing a job that would allow them to explore new horizons in their job role. Unlike a regular worker, they are not tempted only by lucrative salary and bonuses. They know that success follows you when you follow excellence.

Find Excellence in Your Job Role

Read stories of successful employee on popular websites like Entrepreneur.com or Dissertation Help and you will find out that they climbed the success ladder only when they were able to grow their exposure and skills in their respective area of profession.

4. Be Adaptable

Success in the workplace comes when you mold yourself in different roles. Being a worker requires you to be versatile as a team member, especially when you are in a senior position. You have to plan and research. You have to delegate task, and you have to report to upper management.

Be Adaptable

You can perform these roles successfully only when you are flexible enough to adapt to the changes that come with the responsibilities. When you do it, you become a favorite worker of your organization.

5. Be Open to Constructive Feedback

Be Open to Constructive Feedback

Positive feedback plays a critical role in making you a valuable employee in your organization. It helps you identify your weak areas and become a productive member of a team. So when you get feedback your manager or team lead, you should take it as an opportunity to groom your skills and competencies in order to make your way to league of star employees.

6. Pursue a Result-Oriented Approach

Truly successful employees always pursue a proactive approach while tacking different projects in an organization. They do not wait for opportunities to knock their door and rather find ways to achieve their goals.

Pursue a Result-Oriented Approach

Likewise, you should not let the resources make a difference in your success. Being an efficient worker, you should be intelligent enough to manage your time and inspiring enough to motivate people to work for success of your projects

Hope, the aforementioned 6 tips will help you get better in your job and bring you in the slot of achievers in your workplace.

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Jasmine Demeester Guest Writer
Jasmine Demeester | Guest Writer

Jasmine Demeester is an experienced HR manager at a UK based marketing consultancy. Moreover, she guides marketing internees by providing them best fit tips to grow their careers.


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