Top New 15 Indian Startups to Work for in 2016

Top New 15 Indian Startups to Work for in 2016

22nd June 2016   |   Chris Butler

The startup landscape is changing. No longer is Silicon Valley the only place in the world where startups can thrive. Countries such as India have a thriving startup community and are a force to be reckoned with. That's why we've pulled together a list of startups we think you should keep an eye on. And if you're looking for a new challenge they may have the job perfect for you.


Shop Clues Logo ShopClues | Gurgaon, India

Shop Clues Office

About: ShopClues boasts upon its people-friendly environment with a 700+ member team that’s always game for new challenges, constantly churning out new ideas. With 1.6 crore products listed and more than 1.25 lac merchants selling with Shopclues, we continuously strive to provide the best online shopping experience to our customers.Our core team has more than 75 years of combined experience in Internet, Technology and Retail, primarily in Silicon Valley with some of the best in breed companies such as Microsoft, eBay, Nordstrom, Oracle, etc. Recently, we have raised $100M in series D funding led by Tiger Global.

Perks: Zumba & Cricket, non-hierarchal environment, high energy environment.

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Urban Ladder Logo Urban Ladder | Bengaluru, India

Urban Ladder team image

About: ‘Home is where the heart is’, sang Elvis, and who are we to disagree. When the founders (Ashish and Rajiv) were trying to set up their homes in Bangalore, they spent a lot of effort trying to get quality furniture and home decor. Conversations with friends gave one clear message – there is a big need for good quality, well-designed, competitively priced and dependable furniture. Indian home-makers are looking for a solution that could help them make beautiful homes, without too much hassle. Existing brands were either poor on quality and service or too highly priced.

Perks: Always Something new, personal development, social nights.

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Cityflo Logo Cityflo | Mumbai, India

Cityflo Team image

About: Pushing your self through a crowd of people to get out at your station. Plunging into a bus hoping you'll be that last guy that fits in. Fighting with 10 rickshaw guys to take you to your nearest bus-stop. This has to stop - and we're here to stop it. Cityflo brings you the commute to work you deserve. Try the service (your first ride is free - no catches here), and experience the comfort and reliability of a private vehicle for the price of much less. Cityflo is an IIT alumni urban transportation startup focused on solving the daily commute problem using technology and data. We're addressing a problem that affects millions of people twice a day, everyday.

Perks: Competitive salary, laptop of your choice, unlimited Cityflo rides.

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UrbanClap Logo UrbanClap| Gurgaon, India

UrbanClap Team

About: UrbanClap is recognised as the fastest growing start up in India. We are a mobile market place for local service. We help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. We are staffed with young, passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their service needs at their doorsteps.

Perks: Competitive salary, equity, opportunity to shape the direction of the company, making a difference.

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Edureka Logo Edureka | Bengaluru, India

Edureka Team

About: To create an alternative learning platform, using a unique learning methodology of live online interactive courses along with 24x7 support. We aim to empower our customers with skills which will help them get an edge in their careers and improve their lives. With the use of technology, excellent instruction and flexible schedule we aim to become the largest and most engaging learning platform on earth. We will strive to provide the best in technical & project management education by keeping ourselves updated with the latest in project management knowledge and by collaborating with the best professionals in this field.

Perks: Opportunities to display capabilities, communal learning, providing avenues to learn and master new skills.

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Freshdesk Logo Freshdesk | Chennai, India

Freshdesk team

About: Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses.

Perks: Competitive pay, unlimited fun, flexi-hours, team events, free food.

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Roposo Logo Roposo | Delhi, India

Roposo team

About: Women have crazy fashion needs with crazier specifications. Search and discover everything fashion that you wish to own from the range of curated products with discount alerts and latest deals.

Perks: Flat structure, best people, party hard, chai discussions.

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Hike logo Hike | Bangalore, India

Hike team

About: We’re building a new kind of messaging app that simplifies how people connect with others and will change the way they interact with content and services on mobile. We believe that messaging will do for mobile what the browser did for the desktop times a 100.

Perks: Learning and growth opportunities, you'll never forget a day at Hike, best of tech, top notch office with fully stocked kitchen and a state of the art fitness center.

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Housing logo Housing| Mumbai, India

Housing team

About: We are the fastest-growing family in the online real estate space. Fed up with endless on-site visits and fake listings, we created a property search system several notches above others. Led by passionate problem-solvers and backed by top investors, we have been hailed as trendsetters in just two years.

Perks: Fantastic peers, supersonic growth and social nights.

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Hacker Earth Logo Hacker Earth | Bangalore, India

Hacker Earth team

About: From outside, HackerEarth’s story may seem as one of those much talked about dorm room startups that has shown promise and rapidly growing. While most of that is true, HackerEarth’s story has been about perseverance and focus towards one goal - making technical recruitment simple and efficient. And this journey has been no walk in the park - we have had our share of challenges and we know there are more to come in the future. But HackerEarth’s real story is that of the people who run it. From the two college friends who willed an idea to reality, to the people who put their faith into the aim of the startup and took it as their own, HackerEarth is many stories, of the people who make it. Our story is continually changing, as the people at HackerEarth keep writing new ones, everyday.

Perks: Team outings, food heaven, team game faces offs.

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Zivame logo Zivame | Bangalore, India

Zivame team

About: A woman is a million different people every day. Sometimes a mother and sometimes the funny one in the group. Sometimes a best friend and sometimes a daughter. However, her most intimate relationship is the one with herself. We believe that lingerie is an extension of that relation. It is more than just about 'sex appeal'. It is the way she decides to feel every day. There is more to her than what she shows. Zivame celebrates all that she is to the world, and all that she is to herself.

Perks: Well stocked canteen, great music and a great team with exponential growth.

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Jabong logo Jabong | Gurgaon, India

Jabong Team

About: is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products. caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel, jewellery and accessories.

Perks: Rewards and recognition, team events, thank dog it's Monday fun day.

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Plivo logo Plivo | Bengaluru, India

Plivo Team

About: Our story goes back to 2011, when our co-founders, Mike and Venky, accidentally exchanged messages on Github. Each had been seeking a robust communications platform to easily add Voice and SMS capabilities to their web applications. Yet, they couldn't find one that matched their standards, so they decided to build their own; hence Plivo Open Source was born. Soon after the project took off and developed into a full-featured cloud platform called Plivo. Since then, we've already helped 1000's of businesses of all sizes build popular Voice and SMS applications including call centers, conferencing, two-factor authentication, mobile notifications, and many more.

Perks: Endless snacks and beverages. Choose your own work environment (Mac/Linux & Monitor). Be part of fun, smart, passionate multi-cultural and merit-driven team.

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Razorpay logo Razorpay | Bangalore, India

Razorpay Team

About: Razorpay, a year old gathering of folks from various walks of life. Suave designers, magical engineers, sales hustlers, calm-as-rock customer champions are some just some of the very cool people you get to work with. The second India focused Y-Combinator startup; We score 9/12 on the Joel test and support the Programmer's bill of rights. In just a year we have gone from nothing to a full fledged, modern and robust online payments system. Our customers swear by our tech and UX, and we are ecstatic to see people enjoy the results of our fanatic focus on making online payments simple and accessible.

Perks: Flexible hours. Machine of choice. Food & snacks. Accident insurance for you and medical insurance for your family.

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Springboard logo Springboard | Bangalore, India

Springboard Team

About: We believe that each of us is unique, so are our learning needs. The ideal learning experience should be designed to fit our life’s pace, with support from advisors and mentors who understand us. We believe that education should prepare us for the real world, and that working on meaningful projects under the guidance of industry experts is one of the best ways to get there.

Perks: Fun: We love to go out to the best microbreweries, movies, and music gigs in town. Free Food: Team lunches, trips to the farmer’s market, free coffee and beer!

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