Why Bi-lingual/ Multi- lingual Speakers are Successful in Business

Why Bi-lingual/ Multi- lingual Speakers are Successful in Business

26th November 2015   |   George Atkins

It should come as no real surprise that those individuals talented enough to speak more than one language are, on average, more successful in certain industries than those who cannot. For some, it is a professionally driven motivation that leads people to take up new languages and in world where global branding profiles and overseas investments are the norm, being able to communicate fluently with a wide range of clients is not just favoured but sometimes necessary to gain a professional edge on competitors. With this in mind, here are a few ways in which being a multi-lingual speaker can improve your chances of success in business. If you are looking to improve your chances in business right now, check out our CV builder and start applying for jobs right now!

Job Flexibility
Being a multi-lingual speaker quite simply opens up a breadth of opportunities for you to explore in business. For instance, in the case of large, global corporations, positions will almost certainly arise for speakers of more than one language abroad, potentially offering generous bonuses in addition to a reviewed salary. The opportunity to work abroad will also likely be omnipresent to bilingual speakers; just be prepared to meet job flexibility with a expectancy to rack up lots of air miles in the process!

Higher Better Pay

Higher Pay Brackets
In a survey carried out by Rosetta Stone, it was found that bilingual speakers are 10% better paid than single language employees in business. This is perhaps hardly surprising given that the potential for increasing a brand’s marketing reach through having just one bilingual employee at their disposal is huge! As mentioned, in a modern economy where global sales and marketing tactics are all important, having speakers of different languages in your company (if it is of a certain size) is essential for cross-cultural communication, especially so in the private sector, where clients from all over the world are potentially going to be using your services.

Management Jobs

More Managerial Opportunities
Not only will you be afforded more job opportunities in a company as a bilingual, you’ll also potentially see yourself moving to higher managerial roles with greater ease and speed. Evidently, the employee with the most skills to offer a company will be offered positions with more responsibilities than the others, so if you want to be on the fast track to highly ranked roles in your company, start learning a language ASAP!

Bilingual Speakers Job Search

Cater to Population Increase
With the global population increasing at an exponential rate, so does the number of bi-lingual speakers in business. Being able to tap into previously unreached audience markets is the ambition of most emerging companies and, as a result, speakers of more than one language are more in demand than ever before; why not capitalize on this demand and move into a higher paid position today?

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