Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in the UK

Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in the UK

30th October 2015   |   George Atkins

Many employees are always looking for ways to move up the employment ladder and move into the higher pay brackets, as well as jobs that will be more satisfying in the long term. So if you are looking to move into a new job role, either within your current field or in a new one, check out our list for 10 of the best paid UK jobs, as of 2015 (in descending order). Also, If you want see if your chosen job will pay suitably, check out our salary checker to find out!

1. IT Manager
Average Salary: £57,818
Businesses rely on excellent communication channels with clients and well-maintained central information processing system; this is where the role of IT manager comes in. Because of the importance of this role in companies at all levels and the years of experience brought by the individual, salaries here are high. The IT manager is expected to save companies money through effectively streamlining information management systems, depending on each organisation’s operational requirements… and if that sounds complicated, it’s because it can be! But this is a worthwhile position for anyone interested in advancing within the IT field.


2. Lawyer
Average Salary: £55,020
A Lawyer or Solicitor is one of the more traditional high income jobs featured on this list. There are many specific law fields you can enter into (e.g. copyright, finance and employment), all of which can yield an impressive payout, so long as you are willing to keep up-to-date with any changes in the justice system, both in the UK and internationally. Being trained to a degree level at the very minimum is expected, with most of the highest-paid lawyers/ solicitors boasting MD or PhD qualifications too. However, the great amount of variety and high level of pay makes this still one of the top jobs to move into within the United Kingdom.

3. Product Manager
Average Salary: £52,478
A project manager is essentially what is says on the tin; it is someone who’s main concern is to maximise the efficiency of everyone involved in product development and marketing. They are expected to work alongside the development team to create a product that will, ideally, generate a large amount of money for their client; a background in advertising and marketing is also essential. Because of the experience required to even apply for product management roles, it remains one of the best paid jobs in the UK.

Air Traffic Controller

4. Air Traffic Controllers
Average Salary: £51,911
Although this may be considered a stressful occupation for some, air traffic controller roles are plentiful and well paid, especially for an experienced worker. Your daily activities will include talking pilots down to the runway and keeping aircraft a safe distance apart in the air; you may need to have a degree-level qualification and it takes up to 3 years to qualify for the role, but if you are looking to move into one of the exciting, varied and high paid careers in the aerospace industry, this might be right for you.

5. Marketing Manager
Average Salary: £46,561
The key to being successful in this role is being able to understand target audiences and consumer behaviour; market research is an important element of a Marketing Manager role, as well as helping to develop a company’s brand in tandem with other designers and researchers. The best part of this role is its transferable skill set; for example, a marketing manager can move from an automotive company to a toothpaste manufacturer with ease, if they so wished! Budding advertisers and visionary creative types look no further for a high paid job with plenty of opening positions nationally.

6. Business Analyst
Average Salary: £46,047
Most companies integrate a business analyst at some point, to help improve the efficiency at which they deliver content to customers, increase cash-flow or simply maximise the value of the company to it’s shareholders. As you can probably tell, it is a broad role, with a wide variety of roles being undertaken by business analysts of different levels, but mostly they are highly prized within organisations, helping to create and define certain business strategies to help a company grow. If you feel like you can fill one of these difficult but high income jobs, why not seek out such a position today? You can use our Free Job Search tool to help you.

Sales Manager

7. Sales Manager
Average Salary: £45,613
Sales managers are expected to work with a team of sales individuals, to improve productivity, generate sales and mentor staff to improve work moral, whilst developing relevant skill sets. In larger companies, sales quotas will be handed down to managers, ensuring that a certain amount of profit is always being generated over a set period of time. You don’t always need degree-level education to move into these high income jobs, but what is required is an extensive knowledge/ experience of sales environments and the drive needed to manage a potentially large team of employees. If you can do this well, you might find yourself in an area with some of the best paid jobs in the UK!

8. Software Engineer
Average Salary: £40,400
A growing industry internationally, software engineers are more in demand than ever at large digitally-based companies, with many of them prepared to provide employees with high paid careers in exchange for high-quality service. This can be a lucrative career path for talented field workers, with companies like Apple offering software engineers some of the best paid jobs in the UK, with skills transferable into select niche areas as well. Formal education is not required, but many employers will expect an extensive knowledge of software programming, even at entry level. However, these high income jobs are well worth the effort!

Network Engineer

9. Network Engineer
Average Salary: £40,023
Another IT-based role here; a network engineer is expected to manage and develop a company’s server mainframe and improve the distribution of information via computer networks. Because of the sheer complexity of company network systems, companies offer high-income jobs to those willing to take on the myriad of problem solving tasks. Additionally, if you feel like you want to go for a better job with a bigger payout, try out our Salary Checker here and compare salaries for some of the best paid jobs in the UK!

10. Civil Engineer
Average Salary: £36,142
Welcome to one of the world’s oldest professions; civil engineering. It’s responsible for a massive amount of man-made structures populating the world today; evidence of civil engineering is everywhere! Because of the usefulness of this profession, it boasts some of the best paid jobs in the UK, with a wide range of areas to explore. Many roles require a high level of education in the field (e.g. BA Hons degree), but there is a multitude of training courses to choose from, with each catering to even the most specialised areas, making moving into one of these high paid careers a viable option to many.

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