Stuck in a Rut at Work? Here are 4 Ways to Set You Free

Stuck in a Rut at Work? Here are 4 Ways to Set You Free

8th September 2015   |   George Atkins

It’s a feeling many employees recognise at some point in their lives; the same despondent commute to work, sitting at the same desk, with the same people and the same boring schedule in an endless cycle. To those of you who are feeling disillusioned and stuck in a rut at work, a new job, perhaps travelling in a new career direction, is something that has to be sought out to encourage peace-of-mind and inner happiness in life. So with that in mind, here are our 3 best tips for how to get out of a rut and move on to pastures new.

Search for Job Roles That Inspire You to Work
It may seem like stating the obvious but picking out a job role you’ll be happy in, where travelling to and from work every day doesn’t take a toll on your psyche is probably more important than your salary and prevents becoming stuck in a rut! That being said, consider monetary income when applying for certain nuanced, potentially risky endeavours and make sure you can actually afford the career move in the long term. Health is your most important asset and if you are experiencing a great deal of stress at work, then you’re putting your wellbeing at risk! Seek out something that will challenge you, push you to grow in your environment but always consider job satisfaction and any effects it may have on your mental or physical health; if you want to start your career exploration now, use our Job Search to find that perfect role. Alternatively…

Search Closer to Home
Maybe your current position at a company is not working out, but you can see yourself working in another department of said company; if so, why not apply to that instead? You might just need a change of surroundings, to be around new people and take a more interesting role to invigorate your career and dislodge yourself from the rut you have become trapped in! The benefits of moving within the same company include not having to commute any further; you also know where certain amenities are and know more people/ contacts whom you have worked with before. This is definitely a smart option for those of you with family/ home commitments that don’t fancy upping sticks and moving city, but have become stuck in a rut and want to lead a more fulfilling work life all the same.

Do the Opposite
It may be your career choice overall that is the problem and not quite meeting the expectations laid out in the job description, getting you increasingly stuck in a rut at work; no matter, just might be the time to move in a different direction. This relates back to the notions of job satisfaction and happiness, where your passions should dictate job application decisions and ensure you remain happy in your new chosen role. If you are working as a mathematical theorist but want to move into video game journalism, for instance, then go for it! You will undoubtedly bring more transferable skills than you initially realise, even if you choose to move into similarly niche markets. Career moves like this should encourage rapid learning, hopefully reminiscent of your first job role, which will be sure to keep you interested, excited and intellectually stimulated for some time to come.

Take up Extra-curricular Activities
If there are passions which you feel need venting, perhaps whilst alongside your current job, then the ‘stuck in a rut’ scenario is the perfect opportunity to follow those passions, especially when you are feeling a little unmotivated at work. Employment should not engulf your entire life and everyone needs leisure time outside work to remain mentally nourished; if you’re wondering how to get out of a rut, taking up a new sport, indulging in a new hobby and enjoying new experiences are good ways of meeting other like-minded people outside of your existing friendship group, meaning that you are splitting up your work and play time more effectively. A strong personal life will inevitably encourage you to enjoy work more and give that ‘daily grind’ a new lease of life in the process.

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