Remain Positive, Organised and Stick to the Routine When Searching for a Job

Remain Positive, Organised and Stick to the Routine When Searching for a Job

21st October 2015   |   George Atkins

Due to the rise in numbers of unemployed people nationwide, job searching is now a ‘popular’ past time for many of us, especially young people, struggling to find work in a highly competitive job environment. There are a myriad of advice articles out there on the Internet, each giving certain tips on how to stay motivated and positive when looking for work, ranging from the common sense to the slightly more left-field ideas surrounding concentration during application periods. We at Hashtag CV want to add to that list and provide helpful, ‘DIY’ advice on how to stare at those job search sites all day long without becoming tired and jaded, so here it is; our list on productivity hacks, staying organised and dedicated to your job search routine.

Take a Break

Know When to Give Job Seeking a Rest
Constant work in any field is bad for your mental and physical health, and job searching is no different. What’s more, your concentration and drive to succeed will inevitably taper off after a few days of solid job hunting, so take fairly regular breaks, preferably ones that feature some form of exercise which can have the added bonus of increasing blood flow to your brain, increasing its productivity. You will come back to your searching with a renewed energy and vigor, which is exactly what employers want to see from applicants; failing exercise, find something that is enjoyable but mentally challenging (for example, crossword puzzles and/ or soduku), just as long as it doesn’t stress you out even more than the job searching!

Create a Schedule

Create a Schedule
Creating and adhering a daily routine for job searching is more important than you might think; it is one of the best tips for staying focused while unemployed, as well as helping to reduce stress levels after scouring the internet. Through the use of scheduling, you can efficiently manage your working and leisure times, which should make sure that you don’t become over-worked and lethargic whilst applying for vacancies. Treating the day like a work day may also be beneficial to you; set your alarm for a reasonable time to get up in the morning, dress reasonably smart (a suit is certainly not necessary) and try and work in an area of your house that isn’t filled up with distractions (we’re looking at you, TV).

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthily
Maintaining a good diet should not be underestimated when thinking about spending all day working from home. Eating junk food and drinking alcohol is (not surprisingly) not great for promoting optimal work performance, as your concentration levels can dip drastically and your productivity along with it. Instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate, opting for fruit and low-fat foods should help to keep you healthy and ready to go job searching every day. This should go hand-in-hand with your exercise routine (if you have one), so try and think of food which provides slow release energy (complex carbohydrates mostly), so you don’t end up feeling worn down after only a small amount of time spent job searching.


Persistence is Key to Success
Refusing to give up in the face of adversity is by far one of the most important tips for staying focused when searching for a job! A considerable part of the whole process is luck and timing, so if you are not willing to try and try again when looking for employment, your dream role could potentially slip from your grasp when someone else gets there first. Companies upload new adverts on job sites constantly, some of which are quickly snapped up due to their popularity; don’t be one of the unlucky ones and stay positive!

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