“New Year, New You”: Tired of Your Current Job? Here are 5 Ways to Find a New One in the New Year

“New Year, New You”: Tired of Your Current Job? Here are 5 Ways to Find a New One in the New Year

3rd December 2015   |   George Atkins

New year’s resolutions are of course an annual tradition for people all over the world, giving a valid excuse to push for your goals and ambitions unlike at any other time on the calendar; and according to a survey taken by List25.com, one of the most common resolutions is to find a new (and improved) job. With this in mind, here are 5 tips that can help you to find that perfect role through the use of social media, networking, job search sites and of course CV/ Resume Creation.

Tenacity is All Important
Knock-backs are (unfortunately) inevitable when job searching, this should come as no surprise to most, but the key to finding a fresh new year’s job is to be tenacious and never give up. Hopefully alongside renewed resolutions in the New Year comes a similarly replenished enthusiasm for job searching and it is this dedication that should prove useful when combating the inevitable rejections. Keep at it and eventually something will give!

Monkey Strength

Identify Your Strengths and Utilise Them
Applying for jobs where you do not meet the minimum skill set criteria is a waste of time; this will only leave you feeling more despondent & frustrated and so for this reason, you should be selective over which jobs you go for. Desperation is never a good mind set to adopt when job searching and having a checklist of the type of job you want to go for can be helpful for some. If you act overly ambitious and go to fill roles that are out of your league from the beginning, you’ll only be wasting your time that could be better served applying for other roles instead that you MIGHT get!

Job Interview

Be Memorable in Interviews
Employers evidently sift through potentially hundreds of applicants for a single job role on occasion, and because of this, standing out from the “pack” is as important as the skills you are offering a company. We’re not saying that you should be overly cocky, putting your feet up on your potential boss’ table or anything, just act in a way that will make interviewers warm to you, perhaps by asking them certain questions and thinking laterally about any questions you are asked in turn. But don’t be afraid to boast… within limits; the purpose of the interview is of course to enable you to sell yourself, so make sure to highlight relevant areas of your skill set when necessary.


Think About Moving into a Different Career
Maybe the reason you want to move jobs is not only because of your role; it’s the industry that you don’t enjoy working in. If this is the case, why not start looking into other areas? After all, you’d be surprised by the amount of transferable skills you might have picked up in your professional career and personal life. Don’t immediately assume that because you’re moving into a new industry, you won’t have anything to offer employers; quite the contrary in fact. For instance, moving from a job in the creative industries into advertising and marketing roles is an obvious choice, or perhaps using your training in copyright law to advise a start-up company looking to protect creative assets; why not consider it?


Use Your Networking Contacts Where Necessary
Try and make use of the extensive network of contacts from your professional and personal life to get the advantage when looking for new jobs in the New Year. This will come in particularly useful if you are looking to change your career path, as you may lack the experience and knowledge required to find and apply for certain jobs. Also, try contacting employers via social media, namely Twitter and Linkedin, especially if you are going for competitive roles (usually in the creative sector). With smaller companies, it is better to just contact them directly most of the time, and the chance of getting a response greater than through other platforms.

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