How to Land Yourself a New Job in the New Year

How to Land Yourself a New Job in the New Year

6th January 2016   |   George Atkins

Moving into a new job in the New Year may be at the very top of your wish list, with January arguably playing host to the busiest job-seeking month on the calendar. In fact, according to research undertaken by, approximately 7.7 million people will leave their jobs worldwide in 2016, meaning that there will be no shortage of new job roles opening up and applicants looking to fill them. Self-improvement is usually on people’s agendas for the New Year as well; 54% of the 3,300 workers surveyed said that they were considering a career-related resolution in 2016, with 46% of those wanting to find a new job. With this in mind, here are our top tips for landing a new job in the New Year, all of which are bound to improve your chances of success no end!

Plan Your Job Searching Time

Plan Your Time Efficiently and Get Organised
This should come as no surprise, but when looking for jobs in the New Year, it will be much like job searching in previous years; you’ll need to manage your time efficiently to be successful. Planning out a daily routine is usually a good idea, with breaks added in amongst sitting in front of a computer all day. Also, try and get out of the house every couple of hours; being locked inside all day filling out application forms is not a very healthy pursuit and the fresh air will do you a world of good when it comes to concentration levels.

Review CV with Hashtag CV

Review and Update Your CV
Yes, we know, the inevitable CV Maker plug, but it can of course improve your chances drastically when it comes to applying for new jobs. Being able to give off the right impression straight away is essential and should (if properly designed and laid out) get you to the interview stage at the very least. It only takes a couple of minutes with our creator, get that CV looking brand new in no time!

Building a strong contact base is very important when it comes to applying for jobs in certain areas and can make the difference between being noticed and being ignored by employers. Use social media and face-to-face networking in combination (if possible) to get the best effects, and be sure to contact specific companies personally if you know that you want to work with them in the future. Just make sure you don’t spam them with notifications; it will get you know where and you’ll just end up annoying the employer you need to impress the most!

Be Creative with Your Applications
Displaying a high level creativity can never be considered a bad thing and applying a level of inventiveness to your job application is a great idea, especially if you are going for a creative role. However, be wary that not all companies will view your attempts to “stand out from the pack” as interesting and/ or impressive; to some, it may actually come across as childish or unprofessional, particularly in roles where professional integrity and business/ client relationships are highly revered. Be sure to do some research on each employer and gauge how suitable it might be to exhibit your artistic or creative inclinations in the pursuit of a job offer.

Use Social Media
Utilizing social media is again a very useful practice when it comes to job seeking. You can often by-pass the usual job sites and positions, talking directly to the employer, which lends a personal touch to your application. LinkedIn and Twitter should be your first ports of call, as these sites in particular are usually manned by PR social media accounts directly linked to certain employers, so don’t be afraid to use these resources when furthering your job search in the New Year.

Hidden Jobs Market Infographic

Tap into the Hidden Jobs Market
If you want to find the really unique or sought after jobs, sometimes you need to look in places other than the usual job sites featured on the first page of Google. There are specialist sites dedicated to finding you jobs in certain industries in certain geographical locations (for instance, check out BristolMediaJobs; it offers what it says on the tin!). This also comes back to networking and using social media is a great way of finding jobs that aren’t being advertised anywhere except a company’s site or blog. Getting a tip off to find one of these sites can be incredibly useful to find “hidden” jobs, certainly more useful than just the main searching sites.

Prepare For Your Interview Thoroughly
If you are picked for an interview, make sure you prepare well in advance, what you are going to do, say, wear, introduce yourself and so on; you could get hired on the spot if you give off the right impression to an employer. It is said that interviewers only take 30 seconds to decide (in their head) whether they like you or not, so first impressions absolutely count; don’t be one of the unlucky ones and make sure you know exactly what your doing. However, at the same time, don’t panic! Try and stay as relaxed as possible in the interview, your points will be presented more coherently and you’ll come across as confident to the employer. Read our Interview Tips to help you prepare.

Be Patient
Patience is a virtue and nowhere is this more apparent than when searching for jobs. It takes time to search, find, apply to and hear back from employers concerning vacancies, so try and remain relaxed, even when you feel frustrated by the whole process. Look far and wide for the right job vacancy, put across your application as professionally as possible and don’t just rely on the main sites to cough up the goods when it comes to work; be patient and things will turn out fine!

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