How Starting a Blog Can and Will Help Your Job Search

How Starting a Blog Can and Will Help Your Job Search

25th September 2015   |   George Atkins

Creating and running a blog has grown in popularity in recent years, as it can be used as an effective outlet for one’s passions and interests, with a great amount of creative freedom afforded to the creator. No matter how niche the subject matter and regardless of a subject’s potential audience, someone will have written a blog about it. However, in recent years blogs have been used for a more important reason; to help further people’s careers (especially those based in the creative industries), giving prospective employees a chance to demonstrate writing prowess, specialist knowledge or simply their enthusiasm for a chosen field; because of this, it has become one of the most popular and effective options for those struggling to find employment in specific fields. If you aren’t yet convinced, check out our main points on why starting a blog can help you find a job and help further your career!

It’s Like an Extended CV, Online
One of the main benefits of having a blog is that it can help reinforce claims made on your CV; for example, if you are pursuing a career in journalism and have ‘boasted’ about your creative writing prowess then a blog will reflect this, hopefully demonstrating your impressive writing prose and showing potential employers that you mean business. Employers may receive hundreds of CVs EACH DAY at some companies, but a blog will set you apart from your competition and demonstrate that you have a confident understanding of digital media as well, abilities that will serve you well in your future career progression! Speaking of CVs, check out our CV Builder, with more than 10,000 word phrases and 550+ job titles, creating the best CV ever has never been easier!


It Shows that You Know How to Network with an Audience
Communicating effectively with the masses is not rocket science, but doing so with a specific group of people can be challenging if you do not speak in the correct language; think for instance of talking to a group of Star Trek enthusiasts, without having any prior knowledge of the franchise and absolutely no idea of what a ‘Klingon’ is... However, if you are an avid fan of a certain TV series, rock band or coffee shop chain, don’t be afraid to show that passion to potential employers... it sets you apart from other job search candidates and emphasises your ability to efficiently deliver content to like-minded groups of people. An ability to communicate with different individuals should not be underestimated and is something that will make you attractive to employers everywhere.

It Shows that You are a Human Being!
One disadvantage to the traditional forms of job searching and applications is that getting one’s personality across in a few sentences is nearly impossible, with attempts at demonstrating individuality often coming across as contrived at best; however, blogs can help you appear like a real human to employers, allowing you to express your personality through article writing and content sharing. Keep in mind that whilst most employers are interested in your academic achievements and career experience, they also want to know what you’ll be like to talk to and be around, if you’ll be a hard worker, if you’ll act professionally in a work environment as so forth.

Creative Pencil Design

It Illustrates Your Penchant for Individual, Creative Design
Blog sites such as WordPress offer an almost limitless array of different designs and themes to pick from, but if you don’t feel that any of the premade layouts suit your blog then make your own using intuitive web design features. You can change almost every aspect of your page, from typeface to background image to how you want your articles to appear as you scroll down the page. If your site looks impressive, this is a great signifier to employers that you understand (to some extent) website design and that you are thinking about how your readership accesses your content online.

It Will Help You to Connect with Future Employers
As mentioned, using blogging as a more personal means of address is certainly an effective method of attracting an employer’s attention. Used in tandem with social media, you can communicate with editors, designers, managers or fellow bloggers directly through your job search, which may in turn lead to job offers being sent your way. Communicating this way sets you up as a confident, eloquent and resourceful candidate, skills which can be applied to almost every role. Use every opportunity to introduce yourself (and your work) to individuals you really respect and want to see your work; social media and blogging makes it now easier than ever to get in touch with like-minded people and potentially reach those who are in a position to potentially further your career.

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