Career Showcases: Teaching

Career Showcases: Teaching

20th January 2016   |   George Atkins

The education industry is consistently considered one of the safest career fields there are, as far as job security is concerned; bundle this with the long holidays, competitive pay packet in most areas and the opportunity to change young people’s lives for the better may seem like a no-brainer of an option. Sure, there are a number of positives to be a teacher, but keep in mind that it is not all plain sailing, all of the time! There are several different areas to move into when considering education, ranging from pre-school care to night schooling and university lecturing, potentially leaving prospective teachers a little confused as to where to move first; luckily we’ve assembled some useful tips as part of our career showcases collection, designed to help you get all the facts you need and to hopefully make the right move into education for you! If you’re ready to move into teaching, why not start searching for jobs today right here?

Getting Started
If you are looking to go into teaching at an entry level, the basic requirements for, say, primary school teaching are GCSE (or equivalent) in English and Maths, as well as an additional grade in a Science subject if teaching key skill 2-3 (7-14 year olds). Many colleges across the UK offer teaching courses at most levels, and with most university teaching courses offering work placements in the classroom, getting the right experience is easy! Alternatively, if you feel that to university isn’t for you, try opting for employment-based teacher training instead and learn on the job instead; however, keep in mind that specialist training positions and sectors (e.g. teaching mentally impaired children) will still require some level of formal education, usually in the form of A Levels and a BsC at the very least.

Patience is a (Big) Virtue
It goes without saying really, but being a teacher is largely dependant on your level of patience with your students; if you are likely to get wound up by the smallest provocation, then maybe teaching is not entirely suited to you. Especially when considering an education career teaching children and young adults, you should be aware that it can be a stressful, if rewarding experience to teach these groups and adopting a commanding or respected presence as a teacher is all important. Being an (effective) teacher in these educational areas often requires a confident persona that children will respect, not simply ignore when commanding attention at school; there is much more to teaching than simply having the academic knowledge after all and personality is possibly more important factor at the end of the day.

Other Non-Academic Requirements
Your physical and mental health will be extensively assessed to make sure that you are not being out into a dangerous position by working with students/ children or putting them in any harm either. This will obviously be followed up in a criminal conviction check, to make sure that you are suitable for working in classrooms; however, a conviction does not automatically mean you won’t be considered for a teaching role, only if that conviction is of a violent nature. Additionally, if you have a disability, let your employers know so that the appropriate measures can be taken to ensure your ease of movement in the teaching environment and so on. Experience is the best way of finding out whether teaching is the best move for you is work experience; there really is no substitute for this, so even if you are at university and your course does not offer much in the way of hands-on experience, seek it out and volunteer yourself elsewhere, it will make a world of difference.

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