Career Showcases: Nursing and Healthcare

Career Showcases: Nursing and Healthcare

9th December 2015   |   George Atkins

Healthcare is big business universally, offering up an almost limitless range of different professional career paths to those willing to provide high-quality care to patients across the globe. The UK NHS healthcare service cares for 1 million patients each 36 hours (source here), and as a result health professionals are always in high demand to manage any increases in hospital and GP admissions, amongst other institutions. Because of the broadness of this subject, we will be focusing mainly on Nursing and Doctor careers in this article, hopefully giving you a helpful overview of the health service as well; so here are our top tips for those of you looking to adopt a healthcare profession and have a long, illustrious history as well!

Start Your Education Early
Although you can take nursing courses at any age, starting sooner rather than later (as in many industries) is always a good idea. Start taking a keen interest in biology and health sciences at school and college, giving you an opportunity you decide whether nursing is right for you before moving onto undergraduate and postgraduate courses at university. There are a number of voluntary classes you can take across the country; just contact your local hospital or health representative (or failing that, check on the web) to find out where you nearest voluntary courses are being held. The NHS hired 150,273 doctors and 377,191 qualified nursing staff in 2014 alone (source), so there should always be space for competent, hard-working professionals in the UK healthcare system; if needs be, use this as an incentive to start your training asap!

Communication Skills are Essential
As you will be interacting with patients and other staff members on a regular daily basis, good communication skills are vital in nursing and healthcare on a whole. More than anything, being able to decipher what a patient is saying you you, about their illness or injury, may mean the difference between life and death in certain critical situations. Additionally, being able to deal with potentially dangerous occurrences directed towards staff, especially in paramedic and A & E (accident and emergency) roles, is essential; learning to deal with the unpredictability of healthcare work is one of the most important attributes you will need to learn if you want to have a successful professional career in the health industry. Alternatively, if you want to move into nursing and healthcare right now, get a healthy-looking CV or Resume from us right here!

Don’t be Afraid to Return to Education
Being a doctor or nurse is all about learning each day; sure, formal education will get you into the healthcare industry at the beginning, but returning to education through your career is a great way of learning new skills or refreshing your knowledge of old ones, to make you the best professional carer that you can be. Many of those working within the industry do this, sometimes when going into certain specializations (e.g. optometry or radiology); areas that often do not just encourage additional training, they make it compulsory!

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