7 Ways to Earn Extra Money Over the Christmas Period

7 Ways to Earn Extra Money Over the Christmas Period

4th December 2015   |   George Atkins

On the run up to the Christmas period, additional sources of money can prove incredibly useful; especially given that Britons spend on average £350 on presents each year per person. This time of the year can also prove pretty helpful to those looking to clear out unwanted household items and turn a profit; so here are our top 7 ways to earn a little extra cash over the Christmas period.


Sell Stuff Online
As mentioned, selling your unwanted clutter online has never been easier; you need not even leave the house! Sites like MusicMagpie.com and Zapper.com allow you to get rid of your old CDs and DVDs amongst other things; don’t expect a river of cash to come through for these, every little helps, especially if time and money are both in short supply over the holidays. If you think more laterally, many more options open up for you regarding selling stuff online; case in point, GreenTech can give you up to £12 for empty ink cartridges… no, really! Additionally, Gumtree usually features the widest selection of products imaginable and is always a good place to sell furniture, home appliances and other items, which might seem out of place on other sites; think about that next time you are thinking of hauling your chest of drawers down the skip!

Retail Shop

Work in Retail/ For a Department Store
This option may be particularly useful if you’re a student or have a considerable amount of free time available over the Christmas period. Department stores are always busier over this time, so temporary sales roles often pop up to help ease the financial struggles of employees and keep their stores well stocked and catered for. Look up on local job sites (perhaps trying our job search function here?); temporary role applications will also usually feature on the companies’ main websites as well. Royal Mail are usually a good bet for part-time Christmas work, or though do be aware that jobs here are snapped up well in advance of the “official” start of the festive period

Delivery Van

Deliver Stuff
Like department stores, delivery-based companies are always looking for additional workers over Christmas, especially fast food companies (e.g. Dominos or Pizza Hut). As long as you have a car, relatively clean driving license and professional demeanour, this could be the ideal job for you to get a little extra Xmas cash together. You don’t even need that much free time either; you can in some cases deliver on your way to/ back from work and you could in theory deliver leaflets too to double your payload! Be on the lookout on local job sites and of course the company websites themselves.


Take Online Surveys
Now, again, this is not going to provide you with a huge treasure trove of extra cash but if you have lots of spare time, it is a great and easy way of making some extra money towards present purchases. In fact, many surveys actually offer vouchers for survey completion, which can of course be given as gifts themselves. This option is perfect for students home over the festive season or simply those looking to capitalize on time off from work, happy to embrace Internet technology for the sake of a few extra quid.

Bar Work

Bar work
In the same way that delivery companies and department stores require more staff, so do pubs and clubs across the country. Over Christmas customer numbers inevitably swell considerably and as a result are always looking for more staff to work temporarily/ part-time to help deal with the increased amount of patrons, so be on the look out for such positions that regularly crop up around this time of year.

Front Door

Leaflet Dropping
Handing out leaflets offers more one benefit; first of all, you are getting exercise whilst walking/ cycling (assuming you walk or cycle of course). Secondarily, it’s a relatively “easy” way of making cash quickly in your spare time and with one-off or short term positions cropping up for a wealth of different companies each year, this will always be a great option, even with the increased proliferation of digital marketing and “virtual leaflet dropping” (I’ve just made that phrase up, but it’s still apt!).

Car Adverts

Car Advertising
Last but not least, another easy and quick way to make money over Christmas is using your car as an advertising vessel for other companies; that is to say that simply putting brand advertising on your automobile will enable you to generate money as you go about your daily business… very easy! This is a perfect option if you are struggling to find spare time in your day to day around the festive period, and you can make money on your way to work each day; you might even be able to get reimbursed for travel costs from certain companies (although we’re not promising anything, of course).

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