5 Things to do After Leaving University

5 Things to do After Leaving University

30th August 2015   |   George Atkins

Find Work experience
Whether you have been lucky enough/ had enough foresight to have secured work experience previously in your chosen career path or not, experience is always a good idea… paid or otherwise! It shows future employers of graduate jobs that you are passionate and dedicated to your craft; enthusiasm will always put you in good stead. Email companies you would really enjoy working for, explain your graduate position and sell yourself to them, being careful not to come across as arrogant or cocky (it’s never a good idea). However, if you don’t feel work experience or a 9-5 job is for you…

Do What You Enjoy!
Do you have a passion for windsurfing? Do you feel like you could become the next rock-climbing prodigy? Didn’t you do it at university? If not, so what? Passion for a certain hobby or pursuit is not something to be taken lightly; for instance, vacancies will always pop up for instructor and teaching roles, lifeguards, activity consultants in a range of ‘extra-curricular’ activities which call for proactive and enthusiastic people to help expand a business. Don’t be pressured by anyone to go into a field that does not appeal to you… it’s your life, follow your own personal career goals! And as previously mentioned work experience in these roles is often times essential if you are looking to move into a niche or competitive area.

Go Back to University (Post-grad/ Masters)
Nowadays, many graduate job positions in large companies, especially ones based around highly competitive career sectors (e.g. journalism, PR or print media), will require some form of post-graduate qualification in a specific field. Certainly if you are highly motivated about working within a certain company or competitive field (and you can foot the bill!) then this is an excellent option to pursue. Many graduates now undertake post-graduate courses in conjunction with some form of work experience or internship to help them obtain sought-after positions in respected companies and certainly sets you apart from your less educationally ‘savvy’ peers!

Take a year out
Always wanted to take a gap year and travel around Asia instead of securing a job for graduates? Now’s your chance! There is no better time than now to fulfil those life-long dreams to see the world and it will no doubt lend you a new, invaluable perspective on life before being plunged head-first into the world of work. Also, especially if you are looking to move into a language-orientated graduate job, travelling will certainly give you further insight into different cultures and nationalities; spending a few months travelling around Asia before settling into a international marketing firm, for instance, will make you a more useful employee and a vital asset who is able to communicate more effectively and understand individuals from that region.

Stay Calm!
Obvious this one… panicking solves nothing! Thousands of graduates are in your position right now, so remember that keeping calm and setting out a plan of action for the following months is always a good move. Try and focus on what means the most to you; do you want to live close to family and friends, move away to a new and exciting city, try and move into a job for graduates or none of the above? It’s up to you. After all, this awkward transition into the real world is always going to be difficult at first but it will pass in no time!

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