5 Signs You Need to Take a Break From Work

5 Signs You Need to Take a Break From Work

16th December 2015   |   George Atkins

Every so often, when working consistently to reach targets, we can become burnt out and tired. This happens to working people at some point in their lives and knowing when to take a break can always do a world of good for your mental and physical well being. With that in mind, here are our 5 main signs that you’re becoming worn-out and need to take to time off relaxing! Also, if you feel like relieving the stress of job searching, check out our job search function for all relevant vacancies in one place.

You Frequently Find Yourself Procrastinating
Chances are if you are finding reasons NOT to do work, it may be because the job you have is just not involving/ fulfilling enough. If you’d rather spend your working hours playing solitaire or scanning social media, then this is a good sign that you at least need to take a break. Try applying for a new position at your existing company; it may be all that is required is a change of pace and you don’t necessarily even have to move company!

Hate Mondays

You Dread the Start of the Working Week
If this is just a general feeling surrounding going back to work after a fun-packed weekend, then this is nothing weird; almost every working person feels the same! However, if it is a persistent feeling of misery each time Monday rolls around, then it might be something more substantial. If you never want to go into that workplace ever again, then do something about it and start job seeking! Better yet, highlight the problem that makes you feel this way and that way, even if you move on to another job/ company, you’ll know what to avoid next time around.

Asleep in a Meeting

You Don’t Enjoy Your Network of Colleagues
Maintaining a healthy attitude towards work has a lot to do with workplace atmosphere; if you feel uncomfortable where you spend most of your day sitting, then maybe it is a clear sign that you need a change. You should at least try to be on talking terms with your colleagues most of the time, and the pros surrounding friendly communication includes (and is not limited to) getting constructive feedback about your work, developing creative ideas and receiving guidance where necessary.

Your Personal Life is Being Affected
Are you starting to worry about work out of hours? If so, it’s a good indicator that you might need to take a break and focus on your personal life instead. Striking that balance is important, so if you feel that either side is being neglected you should address the situation (for your mental well-being is nothing else!).

Being Ignoed

You Feel Ignored
Being made to feel cut off from others is never a pleasant feeling and at work such feelings can increase your stress levels and lower productivity; don’t let this happen to you and take a break! There may be a myriad of reasons why you feel this way; maybe your thoughts are being drowned out in meetings or left out of group conversations surrounding work-based activities (inside and outside of the office). See if you can work out why you are being shunned at work and, if appropriate, take a break for a while and assess your career options.

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