29 Career Experts To Follow

29 Career Experts You Need To Follow in 2016

10th February 2016   |   Abi Worsey

If you need a CV/ Resume then we've got you covered with our Free Online Resume Builder, and although we also provide lots of useful career advice, we don't know it all, none of us do. So where do you turn? Worry no more. We've pulled together what we believe to be the top 29 career experts you need to follow to help you advance your career in 2016.


Aja Frost freelance writer specialising in tech and career advice#1. Aja Frost, Freelance Career Writer
Aja Frost is a freelance writer specializing in business, tech, career advice, and productivity.

    1. The Right Way to Answer “What Should I Know That’s Not on Your Resume?”
    2. 4 Ways to Answer "What's Your Biggest Weakness" That Actually Sound Believable
    3. 5 Better Ways to Describe Your Entry-Level Position on Your Resume

Alison Doyle job search expert#2. Alison Doyle, Job Search Expert
A job search and employment expert with many years of experience in human resources, career development and job hunting with a focus on job searching, employment issues, and career options, as well as employment trends and technologies for job seekers and employers alike.

    1. Free Career and Job Search Tools
    2. Want to Get an Interview? Get Social!
    3. Top 10 Tips For Interviewing Your Interviewer

Anita Bruzzese columnist workplace#3. Anita Bruzzese, 45 Things
Anita Bruzzese is a nationally syndicated columnist on the workplace and award-winning journalist. Also a highly rated speaker, she has addressed audiences on topics ranging from taking control of your career, avoiding workplace blunders and responsible business blogging.

    1. What Coders Need to Know for Career Success in 2016
    2. 4 Things You Must Know Before a Job Search
    3. 6 Steps for Getting an Internship

Alexandra Levit Workplace author speaker consultant and influencer#4. Alexandra Levit, Water Cooler Wisdom
Alexandra Levit’s goal is to help people find meaningful jobs - quickly and simply - and to succeed beyond measure once they get there. A former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Alexandra has authored several books, including the bestselling They Don't Teach Corporate in College, How'd You Score That Gig?, Success for Hire, MillennialTweet, and New Job, New You.

    1. 3 Steps to Effective Social Media Recruitment
    2. How to Prepare for a Career While You're in College
    3. How to Increase Your Learning Agility

Alyse Kalish career freelance writer and blogger#5. Alyse Kalish, Freelance Career Writer
Alyse is a blogger, freelance writer, and creative writing major at Colgate University. Her love for reading and writing has brought her all over the world, from tutoring locals in Venice, Italy to travel writing in London. At school, she is a Writing and Speaking Center consultant, choreographer for two dance clubs, and Admissions presenter.

    1. 12 Tricky Words That Sneak by Spell-Check and Leave You Looking Kinda Stupid
    2. 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Career—Not Just for Killing Time
    3. The 8 Basic Steps You Need to Nail in Your Job Search

Anna Runyan helps women launch their dream careers#6. Anna Runyan, Classy Career Girl
Anna is the founder of Classy Career Girl, named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014. She helps millions of women design and launch their dream careers, businesses and lives through her website, online courses and social media channels.

    1. 5 Ways To Gain New Skills and Experiences
    2. 5 Things I Did to Get Hired At My Dream Job
    3. Easy Informational Interview Guide (Plus Free Worksheet)

Charlotte Seager careers writer#7. Charlotte Seager, The Guardian
Charlotte Seager is a journalist who works on Guardian Careers. She also writes for the Guardian books site.

    1. From Shop Floor to Head Office – How to Get a Job in Retail
    2. Social Media, Skype and Online CVs: New Ways to Get a Job
    3. Meet The Creative Graduates Blazing Their Own Path to Success

Chelsea Krost Millennial Talker#8. Chelsea Krost, Millennial Talk
Chelsea Krost is an accomplished speaker, published author, television and radio talk-show host, Executive Producer, certified health coach and entrepreneur. Chelsea is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of MPulse. Her newest project, MPulse, is Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in creating content to target the Millennial generation.

    1. How to Get Multiple Job Offers and The Pay-check You Deserve
    2. Why Your Success Formula is Broken
    3. Planning Smart Career Moves

Chrissy Scivicque Award Winning Careers Writer#9. Chrissy Scivicque, Eat Your Career
Chrissy Scivicque (pronounced “Civic”) is an award-winning writer, certified career coach and experienced corporate trainer. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Sonoma State University, Certification in Copy Editing from UC San Diego, and Certification in Clinical Nutrition from Bauman College in Penngrove, CA.

    1. Decision vs Action: A Key Distinction For Success
    2. How to Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field
    3. Why Sharing Credit at Work is Good For Your Career

Christie Mims  #10. Christie Mims, The Revolutionary Club
Christie Mims is professional career coach CEO of the Forbes Top 100 website for careers, The Revolutionary Club. She holds a BA from the University of Virginia, and an MA from the University of Kent, Brussels School, and her career writing and teaching can be found all over the interwebs. Her mission is to help you find work you love. Why? Because a) you deserve it and b) it beats hating your job!

    1. The 10 Minute Resume Guide
    2. The Simple & Sweet Interview Prep Guide
    3. LinkedIn Profile Help (For Your Career Transition)

Dana Manciagli globaal career expert#11. Dana Manciagli, Global Career Expert
Dana has coached, interviewed, and hired thousands of job seekers. As a result, she has developed a proprietary job search and networking process. Her ideas and techniques are proven to be as effective for new college graduates as for senior executives.

    1. 3 Reasons You’re Missing The Mark on a Perfect Job Match
    2. 6 Soft Skills That Can Boost Your Career
    3. Strategies to Help Your College Grad Land a Dream Job

David Shindler   #12. David Shindler, Learning To Leap
With two decades experience of developing people for the workplace, David Shindler is an inspiring and engaging coach, speaker and blogger on jobs, careers and employability. Check out his acclaimed book, Learning to Leap.

    1. Being Open and Honest When Applying For Jobs
    2. How to Fire up Your Faltering Job Search
    3. How to be Mentally Tough in The Job Search

Eric Barker careers expert#13. Eric Barker, Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Eric writes about career related topics, featuring in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine and Time Magazine.

    1. Are Recruiters Learning About The Real You From Your Resume?
    2. Are Publicly Visible Resumes on LinkedIn More Honest Than Paper Ones?
    3. How To Ace A Job Interview: 7 Research-Backed Tips

Hallie Crawford career coach#14. Hallie Crawford, Create Your Career Path
In 2002, Hallie established HallieCrawford.com and since then, her practice has grown by leaps and bounds. This validated what she already knew all along – that others were seeking to find that ideal job, that perfect career, that rewarding profession.

    1. Job Search: I Applied to Hundreds of Positions…Now What?
    2. Top 10 Tips to Identify Your Ideal Career
    3. Super Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid (Part 2)

Hannah Morgan career advice#15. Hannah Morgan, Career Sherpa
Hannah dishes out all kinds of advice on job search, careers, social networking, personal branding, you name it. Everything that has anything to do with providing you with necessary information to start your job search off on the right foot, keep it moving forward and maintain the search momentum once you’ve landed your next great gig!

    1. The Nuances of Job Search
    2. Skills To Advance Your Career and Job Search
    3. How To Solve the Biggest Problems With Interviews

Heather R Huhman career expert#16. Heather R Huhman, Career Expert
Heather R. Huhman, founder & president of Come Recommended, has more than a decade of public relations and marketing experience, specializing in media relations, content marketing, and social media. She is also a well-recognized career expert, an experienced hiring manager, and someone who has been in nearly every employment-related situation imaginable.

    1. Are You Making These Little White Lies On Your Resume?
    2. 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Job Search
    3. How to Perform a Mid-Year Job Search Checkup

Jacquelyn Smith #17. Jacquelyn Smith, Business Insider
Jacquelyn joined Business Insider as the careers editor in 2014. She previously worked as a leadership reporter for Forbes. She is the coauthor of "Find and Keep Your Dream Job: The Definitive Careers Guide From Forbes." Jacquelyn holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from The University of Arizona and a master’s degree from Hofstra University.

    1. The One Question You Should Always Ask at The End of a Job Interview
    2. 11 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask to Test Your Personality
    3. Here's What Hiring Managers Really Want to Know When They Ask, 'Where do You See Yourself in 5 Years?'

Jeanine Tanner O'Donnell career strateigst and workplace consultant#18. Jeanine Tanner O'Donnell, Careerealism
Jeanine Tanner “J.T.” O’Donnell is a career strategist and workplace consultant who helps American workers of all ages find greater professional satisfaction.

    1. 4 (Silly) Myths About Employment Branding
    2. How To Break Up With a Bad Career
    3. Where Do You Fall On "The Experience Curve"?

Jenna Goudreau Careers Editor Business Insider#19. Jenna Goudreau, Business Insider
Jenna is a deputy editor at Business Insider, overseeing the Strategy, Careers, Your Money, and Lists sections. Prior to joining the company in August 2013, she worked as an associate editor running daily news coverage at Entrepreneur.com and a staff leadership reporter for Forbes magazine and Forbes.com. At Forbes, she assistant edited the annual list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women and helped launch and grow ForbesWoman.com, an online channel for professional women.

    1. 12 Things Successful People do in the First Week of a New Job
    2. How To Write The Perfect Email Subject Line For Job Hunting
    3. A Harvard Psychologist Says People Judge You Based on 2 Criteria When They First Meet You

Jenny Blake career and business strategist#20. Jenny Blake, Jenny Blake
Jenny is an international speaker, career and business strategist and executive coach with expertise on systems, efficiency and career fluidity in the rapidly-evolving knowledge economy. Formerly a Career Development Program Manager at Google (and author of the forthcoming book Pivot, and previously Life After College) she's helped leaders, employees and entrepreneurs achieve greater clarity, engagement, fulfilment and impact.

    1. Set Your 2016 Strategy
    2. Passion is Not Enough: What Are Your Marketable Skills?
    3. Top 10 Big Ideas to Pivot Your Career

Jessica Stillman Freelance Careers Writer#21. Jessica Stillman, Inc.
Jessica Stillman is a freelance writer based in Cyprus with interests in unconventional career paths, generational differences, and the future of work. She has blogged for CBS MoneyWatch, GigaOM, and Brazen Careerist.

    1. The 10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs
    2. Your Nerves Are Showing: 3 Dead Giveaways That You're Anxious (and How to Avoid Them)
    3. How to Land a Start-up Job: 10 Tips

Kirk Baumann passionate recruiting advocate#22. Kirk Baumann, Campus To Career
Kirk Baumann is a passionate recruiting advocate preparing the next generation of talent for the career of their dreams. He’s a social media enthusiast who loves technology and how it’s connecting people in ways like never before.

    1. 3 Ways to Change the World (and Your Career Path) as a Student
    2. 4 Unconventional Ways to Get Career Experience This Summer
    3. The ONE Thing That Will Set You Apart

Lindsey Pollak millenial workplace expert#23. Lindsey Pollak, Lindsey Pollak - Millennial Workplace Place
Lindsey Pollak is the leading voice on millennials in the workplace, trusted by global companies, universities and the world’s top media outlets — and, most importantly, by millennials themselves. Often called a “translator,” Lindsey advises both millennials looking to succeed in today’s work environment and the organizations that want to recruit, retain and market to them.

    1. The Old Career Path is a Dead End. Here's What's Taking its Place in 2016
    2. It's Not About You: What You Really Need to Know About Your Personal Brand
    3. Etiquette Update: The New Rules For Thank-You Notes

Lolly Daskal leadership coach#24. Lolly Daskal, Lead From Within
Lolly Daskal is the president and CEO of Lead From Within, a global consultancy that specializes in leadership and entrepreneurial development. Daskal's programs galvanize clients into achieving their best, helping them accelerate and deliver on their professional goals and business objectives. Lead From Within is a consultancy with global scope, and Daskal's clients value her exceptional commitment to excellence, integrity, and results.

    1. Learn How to Find the Motivation Within to Succeed
    2. 24 Empowering Quotes to Start Your Day Right
    3. How to Impress Anyone in 30 Seconds or Less

Maria Gottschalk PhD Industrial & Organizational Psychologist #25. Maria Gottschalk PhD, The Office Blend - All Things Work Life
Dr. Marla Gottschalk is an Industrial & Organizational Psychologist who specializes in workplace success strategies and organizational change. Her goal is to blend the disciplines of psychology and business to help 21st century employees and organizations move forward confidently. She is a consultant, avid blogger and speaks to groups concerning her favourite topic: workplace effectiveness.

    1. What Just Happened? Decoding the Job Interview
    2. The Everyday Guide to Workplace Confidence: Work Hard & Yes, Feel a Little Entitled
    3. Another Soft Skill We Forget: Self-Development Strategies

Meghan M Biro talent manager#26. Meghan M Biro, Talent Culture World Of Work
Meghan M. Biro is a globally recognized Talent Management and HR Tech strategist, digital catalyst, author and speaker. As founder and CEO of TalentCulture and Co-Founder of the #TChat World of Work Community, she has worked with hundreds of companies, from early-stage ventures to global brands like Microsoft, IBM and Google, helping them recruit and empower stellar talent.

    1. Four Ways To Make Candidate Experience A Recruiting Brand Win
    2. 4 Reasons Social Media Is A Critical Recruiting Tool
    3. Recruiting's New Reality: A People-Centric Paradox

Nancy Collamer speaker, career coach and author#27. Nancy Collamer, My Lifestyle Career
A career consultant, speaker and author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit from Your Passions During Semi-Retirement. Nancy's passion is helping people find fun, fulfilling and flexible ways to profit from their passions during their semi-retirement years.

    1. How to Find and Do Work You Love
    2. How to Find Flexible and Work From Home Jobs in Retirement: 17+ Helpful Resources
    3. 7 Ways to Research a New Career (in Under 10 Minutes a Day)

Sarah Landrum career freelance writer#28. Sarah Landrum, Punched Clocks
A twenty-something trying to balance her career, freelance writing, and life at home with her fiancé and two dogs with staying healthy and maintaining some semblance of a social life in the wonderful city of Harrisburg.

    1. 15 Sites to Help You Find a Job
    2. How to Answer Questions about Your Weaknesses in an Interview
    3. How I Carved Out My Dream Job From Scratch

Vivian Giang careers business insider#29. Vivian Giang, Business Insider
Vivian formerly ran the Careers vertical at Business Insider. She's fascinated by the evolving office, growing industries and how technology, education and the rise of freelancers play a role in the future workplace. Previously she freelanced for Dan Rather Reports and worked in public relations in Colorado. She's had internship stints with CBS, CNN and TBS.

    1. 8 Things To Keep In Mind When You Have A Skype Job Interview
    2. How To Write The Perfect Resume
    3. 11 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume

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